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After 28 years as a family business selling home lighting with outlets in the North East and Edinburgh, we are retiring and selling off the remainder of our stock.

Please note - this is a GENUINE sale, when it's gone, it's gone. Any ex display or marked items will be clearly marked as such on site.

We are working to upload shop stock, including those lines not previously available on-line, any queries just give us a ring.     

Using this site is designed to be easy and customer friendly, as you move your mouse across the page, items will either change colour or become highlighted, simply click, and you are off!  Do not worry about making a mistake, nothing can happen which we cannot correct to your full satisfaction. Security wise you could not be in safer hands, we use high quality encription (Thwate), and use only market leaders to process payments, SagePay and Streamline (part of NatWest Bank). Get going and enjoy the Light Studio shopping experience, it really is safe, and it really works!

Featured Products
Albarino tl

Albarino tl£226.80   £85.00

6203/2 mb

6203/2 mb£48.00   £18.00


1221/5£460.00   £125.00

021 pb

021 pb£93.60   £35.00

Camilla shades

Camilla shades£22.00   £12.00

Golf table lamp

Golf table lamp£39.20   £15.00

0332 table lamp

0332 table lamp£210.00   £90.00

Litho ab

Litho ab£72.00   £32.00

Dahlia 12'' table lamp

Dahlia 12" table lamp£132.00   £59.00

6203/5 mb

6203/5 mb£119.00   £55.00


Stratford/6£468.00   £175.00


96203£134.40   £45.00

Christina 5 light silver gold

Christina 5 light silver gold£250.00   £99.00

0330 table lamp

0330 table lamp£110.00   £45.00

Inessa table lamp

Inessa table lamp£210.00   £75.00